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Learn to Fly

Model aviation has never been more accessible, more affordable, or more fun than it is right now. Technology has actually made it easier for beginners to have a successful first flight experience. 

All Petaluma-area hobby shops carry a variety of pre-assembled Ready to Fly models that are battery powered and have auto-stabilization features designed to help newcomers learn how simple and fun it is to fly.

Some Liberty Flyers members volunteer as flight training mentors to teach the basics of radio control aircraft flying with an emphasis on safety - both on the ground and in the air.  

To learn more, contact us to learn how our flight training program can help you master the skies.

AMA Newcomer's Guide

Ready for Takeoff?

Even the most experienced pilots were once beginners. We all learned the basics of how to safely assemble a model, take off, cruise around the sky, then come in for a landing. Along the way, we also realized that model aviation helps build lifelong friendships with others who enjoy this gratifying hobby.

The Academy of Model Aeronautics has a helpful guide for those thinking about getting into radio control model aviation. This easy to understand booklet explains the types of models available today, and lays out a simple, safe process for learning how to fly.

Download the AMA Newcomer's Guide

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